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Author Topic: Acer's Latest 14-Inch Swift Is Super Dang Tiny - Gizmondo  (Read 504 times)

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Acer's Latest 14-Inch Swift Is Super Dang Tiny - Gizmondo
« on: September 03, 2018, 12:09:06 AM »
<a href=">Acer's Latest 14-Inch Swift Is Super Dang Tiny -[/url]

Check this laptop out. I get it... it's not a gaming machine. I'm sure you could play minecraft, roblox,  or a few other 'light ' games on it... but this laptop looks pretty nice and thin.  I have a thing for laptops that are awesome, tiny , and look cool. They have to be functional though - looks aren't everything.  I also dig the new edge to edge displays. I applaud the near 0 bezels. They look cool and allow the footprint to be smaller while providing a larger screen.

I cannot wait for there to be a heat/thermal break-through for gaming laptops. I'll post a topic on it soon... I bought a dell G5 gaming laptop to tide over a build for a couple more years. It still gets toasty.

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