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N64: KarugaKids Review
« on: September 03, 2018, 05:23:12 PM »
This review is taken from a series of reviews I did a couple of years ago concerning the fighters available for the N64.

This game was only released in Europe and Japan. If you have the NTSC N64, then you do not want the PAL version, it would be slow on your NTSC N64 system. You want the Japan version. And surprisingly the Japan version has plenty of English so that negotiating the menus will be no problem.

I have often read discussions on the net concerning the viability of 2D games on the N64. It caused me to wonder if they actually knew that 2D meant two dimensional gaming. From games like this one I can come to the conclusion that the N64 is very capable in delivering a 2D experience. I just think everyone was too busy wanting to cash in on the 3D craze back then. Even though this game’s colorful graphics seem geared toward children, very juvenile, there is some heavy fighting going on here, and simple fun. You can even choose a line art mode. The graphics then will look like chalk drawings, really weird.

I am trying to learn some of the moves, because this is not exactly Street Fighter. Some have drawn parallels and compared it with a likeness of a weaker Marvel vs Capcom. Hmmm… not so sure about that…. though I can see where they are coming from. There are three kick buttons and three for punch, with a special, or magic, move. The buttons for each are weak, medium, and strong. Using the direction button with any of these buttons produces several alternate moves for each button as it usually is with other like fighters. (I am getting so pounded by the robot. I don’t like him.)

The game is wacky and yet one of the better fighters for the system. This game made me want Street Fighter Alpha on the N64. It made me want that because I can see that it was possible to have a CAPCOM game on the N64. RakugaKids is an incredible game. If you like fighters, then this will cause you to scratch your head, wondering why CAPCOM never stepped into the N64 ring. This game was a very welcome entry for Konami, a classic for the system. How did they get it right here and lose their way somewhere in Deadly Arts? Different team of programmers and designers?

This is a fun game. Not too deep, yet simple and enjoyable to play. Easy to get into. Character designs may not be to everyones liking. Some gamers may be put off by it. Enough to not consider the game seriously. Even though that is so, I still recommend this game. And would have to rate this game as, “awesome game.”

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