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Author Topic: Foldable Phone Screens - This has been long awaited  (Read 683 times)

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Foldable Phone Screens - This has been long awaited
« on: March 31, 2019, 10:29:40 PM »
I 1st heard about foldable / bendable phones back in 2008-2009.   Nokia was Research and Developing a technology that allowed bendable phones.... NOW... it's not exactly foldable, but it's not far off.   I'm not sure who originally came up with the "foldable phone" original concept, but several are releasing.   They are quite expensive too.   Foldable phones really brings us to a new / interesting era of cell phones and portable devices.

Here are a few resources:
Xiaomi Looks Close to Unleashing a Third Contender in the Foldable Phone Wars -
Samsung is working on a new foldable smartphone thatís nothing like the Galaxy Fold -
Samsung Releases Video of Galaxy Foldís Folding Test -

There are a lot of contenders right now.   Samsung Galaxy Fold will retail for $2000... according to price estimates.   I need a barfing Emoticon... or emoji as the new cool kids call them.   ;D

The coolest one I've seen is a new foldable screen Motorola Razr.   It REALLY has a classic design... is larger... and looks really cool. Here's a "concept" video:

IF it looks anything like that... I want one  ;D

Comments / Thoughts?  Post it up!
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