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Wipeout - Xbox 360
« on: March 17, 2020, 02:37:11 PM »
This is really fun, even thought its the only one Iíve played. I know its the first in the series, but I will still talk about it.

My thought
I thought this game was fun. It feels like you are in an actual wipeout episode. There are a bunch of characters, and levels you can buy with in game currency. There are also accessories you can buy with in game currency. You can also make your own courses, and you can change the length/ theme. There are tons of obstacles you can put in. The game also supports 4 player multiplayer, and you can play your own course with your friends. Course creator is only one player though. The controls are kinda wacky/unrealistic. If you get hit by something youíll either fly to the heavens, or flop like a fish. The flopping gets annoying because 90% of the time you fall in the water when you flop. Besides that the game is really solid.

Final Thought
I recommend this game to anyone even though there are 3 games already for this series. Iíve never played 2 and 3 but they possibly could be better, but anyway this is totally recommended.

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