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Author Topic: PlayStation Vita Still Holds Up - We Need Another for the PlayStation 5 Era  (Read 228 times)

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I know PlayStation Vita support has ended and the hopes for another Vita like PlayStation for PlayStation 5 Support is slim to none.  However, the handheld still holds up... and according to the article below, deserves a comeback.  I 100% agree.  The games still look good... the screen looks good... and the overall system has held up well to aging.

PlayStation Vita was the original Switch Lite, and it deserves a comeback -

We need one that sports a PlayStation 5 player as well.. where you can network play your games like you could on the PS4.  That is really a fun feature.  It has limited support for games like Call of Duty (due to limited buttons and button layouts)...  but there are many games where this works like a gem.

What do you think... are we ready for another Vita like PlayStation console?   Thoughts... Comments... Post it up!  My thought is Thor's "ANOTHER!" where he smashes his coffee cup in the diner.