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Video Games Worth?
« on: October 31, 2020, 08:08:52 PM »
Do you take into consideration the worth of your video games?
I am conscience of the fact that I have many video games that have worth and value. The kind of value that if they died, I would not have the resources, or the desire to spend that much, to repurchase them. But gaming is my first thought rather than thinking about the value. My value of them is in the fact I have them to play and enjoy.
What sparked my thoughts on this is some videos on youtube that asked the question of, what is the value of your video game collection. I see my accumulation of games as being my gaming collection. Not an investment that has monetary value. I would never consider ever selling anything. I also hope I am never in the position where I be forced to sell. I do sometimes feel that I have too much. Those that I treasure the most are my game carts.
Let me back step a little, when I say selling my games there is one thought that always comes to mind. What if one of my disc related consoles died? I would be troubled as to what direction to take, sell the games, or reinvest in a console that possibility would die quicker than the one that just failed? That would be horrendous. But the thing is, one day I will be faced with that decision. That is why I always check out the clone retro systems just to see if maybe, just maybe, how close have they come to the real thing. There have been those days that I have cringed as I have pulled out a Saturn, Dreamcast, or Turbo Duo, and flip it on hoping everything will work great.
Your thoughts?

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Re: Video Games Worth?
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2020, 02:46:49 PM »
most of the disc based consoles can be fixed. There's a lot of youtube videos on how to fix them. Some are simple, some require some pretty fine soldering skills. If that's not your thing there's tons of services out there. I'd never throw anything away, even if it becomes a parts donor later.

I've had amazing nintendo, super nintendo, atari, sega, genesis, cd, etc. collections that I've sold off when i lost interest or fell on hard times. I can tell you I'd pay double to have what i sold off back, and it'd still be worth 10 times that... The regret is real.

Since the last sell off, I've been steadily rebuilding my collection. There's a bunch i cant afford now that I once owned especially some of the Saturn, GameCube, neo geo, and snes games. I absolutely take value into consideration. I buy games in hopes they'll appreciate. Some I'm considering using a grading service. I've chosen not to in the past because i would give up access to the game but with the retro systems and virtual consoles there's always options. Some of the games I really want to have graded and encapsulated still aren't available except illegally so I've held off, but if stuff the Rule of Rose and The mis adventures of Tronne Bonne continue to rise I'll be ok going without just to protect the game.

I've also started buying special editions and limited release type games in hopes they'll appreciate. I've got two sealed mario kart live home circuit and two sealed super mario 3d collection games that I'll likely just put up and hope that appreciate. I've also got the ringfit and all the labo stuff as well in same condition.

I'm not quite there yet but soon I'll have to have a room just dedicated to games and collectables. I've got so much in storage and still collecting that at some point it'll have to become a factor in a new home purchase.



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Re: Video Games Worth?
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2021, 04:47:12 PM »
I definitely take value into consideration... I do buy some games in hopes for value appreciation... BUT I play everything I have.   I try to keep everything in immaculate condition... but it doesn't always happen especially when you play and not just collect.

In some ways, I'm becoming less of a collector.  I would be more of a collector, but I sized down in life in generally... so I don't really store as much stuff anymore.  At some point, I may sell off some of my collection.  I don't know if I want to, but at the same time... will prices forever be higher?   OR will the demand always stay as high?  It probably will stay as high unless people just give up collecting all together.

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