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Started by Grindspine, November 07, 2021, 03:29:10 PM

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Do any of the rest of you dork out to gaming or cartoon paraphernalia?

That is a rhetorical question; I know that you all do.  Share some of your gamer dork stuff here!

I have a Shiro (from No Game: No Life), (Overwatch), Tachikoma, and Major Kusinagi (Ghost in the Shell) on one corner of my desk.

retro junkie

The only game related figures that I got into was the Skylanders figures. I thought that concept was awesome. Too bad it did not go any farther than the Skylander games themselves.
Other figures that I have are 12" Batman, Superman, Flash Gordon, Hulk, Thing. Not sure about the size of the Hulk, maybe 15"? I just got through assembling a Dirty Harry. I tried to assemble a Thor and a Captain America, but I am not too pleased with them. I also have a Black Widow. I guess I go more for the comic book characters.

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