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Anyone else having issues with Steam Deck on-screen keyboard?

Started by BLUEVOODU, February 26, 2023, 09:52:29 PM

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My Steam Deck sat uncharged for a few weeks.  I charged it and turned it back on.  I know this worked a few weeks ago.

Once my Steam Deck finished charged, I turned it on. The screen was of normal resolution.  Oddly enough, I started using it, and the screen zoomed out as if it was a much larger resolution where everything on-screen was very small. 

I then tried to message someone, and the on-screen keyboard didn't come up until I close chat. However, I cannot message anyone. No matter what I do, the chat screen comes up, but the on-screen keyboard doesn't show up and I can't get it to show up.

I've ensured all updates were performed, restarted the Deck, shut it down... etc. no dice.

Has anyone else run into this?  It's quite frustrating. 


The keyboard is still pretty buggy unfortunately. I don't have any recommendations beyond resetting your Steam Deck (there's a way to reset while not losing your installed games I believe, if you're up for it and don't want to wait for an update.)

As for the screen resolution, that's something new that I haven't heard of. Maybe something triggered the zoom feature? Is the entire screen small but there's a certain part that is zoomed in? Is this just in Gaming Mode? Does it also happen in Desktop Mode?

I would also contact Valve. They may have a solution that doesn't require resetting your Deck.


Yeah... the screen resolution is weird.  Imagine going from the stock resolution to something that would be (for lack of better example) a 2k-4k monitor.  IE the normal resolution fits the screen well, like any other handheld that normally fits the screen.  Imagine your monitor going from 1920x1080 to 3840x1600 WITHOUT changing the scale / layout.  That's what it's like.  Now... after rebooting AGAIN... it's not doing that weird zoom out anymore.

When you click a user to chat, it opens the "sub" screen to the right as it normally does.  However, immediately after that, it opens a chat window maximized on the screen as if you were on a pc.  No Keyboard pops up, but it is definitely open in the background.  You can hit the A button and it will start typing g because that's the character the cursor is on behind the chat window.   ???    Also, if I hit the options button (button with 3 lines top right), I get a specific steam error and it asks me to refresh.  I refresh by hitting the underlined text... and then can get back to everything BUT with the same problems listed above.

I think I'll try contacting Valve. This has worked well so far... until yesterday.


@CreepinDeth  Oddly enough... it started working again.  There was an update... but my Steam Deck remained dormant for 3ish months.  Life has been very busy with many events.  I finally turned it on over the weekend, applied the update.  After the update, the same issue happened.  However, for grins... I went into desktop mode to see what it was all about. I brought the system back out of desktop mode... and it just worked.  :happydance:  What in the heck LOL...    Might as well have punched myself in the face.

Back to full Steam (boooo) ahead.