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Animal Crossing New Leaf - Breaking it out again

Started by BLUEVOODU, July 28, 2023, 05:44:54 PM

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It's been awhile.. but finally breaking out Animal Crossing New Leaf again.  I have about 3 fossils left to collect... and working on completing a few things.

I know most people have moved on to the Switch version, but is anyone still playing this game?

thoughts? comments?  post it up!

retro junkie

You made me dig out my Animal Crossing for the DS. My Daughter and I played that one to death. When we found things that the other did not have we would give it to the other. I had one room of my house dedicated to gaming. I had arcade machines, pinball machines, gaming, pong table, etc. Then New Leaf came along and we did that one as well. I really need to get back into New Leaf. For some reason the Switch Animal Crossing killed it for me. There is just something about that version which does not draw me into the game the way the others did. I mainly focused on the house in my gameplay. I liked designing shirts and waiting to see the town folks wearing them.

I have the N64 Animal Crossing that was only released in Japan. I got the fan translated version from Ali Express on cart. It was ported to the Gamecube and released in the US, same game.

To me, Animal Crossing can be one of those games that really does not have an ending, you can play it forever.
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