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Kicking off the Suggestions / comments Board

Started by BLUEVOODU, March 06, 2018, 11:14:37 AM

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At the bottom of the forum will be a help area... as well as Suggestions / Comments / and Feedback board.

I would like to hear your suggestions and comments... and what you would like to see going forward.  It would also be cool to hear what you like too.

I've been thinking about the site design and looking at sites like NintendoLife, Gamefaqs, IGN, and other gaming forums.  Looking to potentially explode out some of the sections to be more granular - meaning 1 for 1 on systems.  Maybe even create boards for single games for discussions directly on those games.

Also looking to create a link on the left side called Recent Threads, Community, or something like that.  At the beginning... it will be a simple list of all the current discussions.  I hope to develop it to be able to track who has contributed, the ability to follow certain people... but these features will come as time permits.

Please post up your comments and thoughts here... it would be cool to hear your opinions of these "potential" directions. 


I tested the curse filter. It's not very good.


It would be cool to have a news board for upcoming games, leaks, rumors, etc. especially when things like e3 and blizzcon roll around.


Good suggestion Thrav - in progress now and will be up soon.  Thank you for suggestion.

@Mastermario - Not too worried about it at this time lol. 


OK.. I added a new category - Comm Link.   There is a news board there now.  I think it would be better (at this time) to separate from general discussion.  I might add an FAQ / Announcements to Comm Link as well.

Go ahead and post up your thoughts for the new section and where it is


I refuse to start new topics in this forum because I don't like being judged. Is there an add-on where we can just copy and paste images or screenshots into a post instead of uploading them?



@mastermario lol... what are you talking about?  Judged - unless you mean your posts that were deleted lol. 

Anyway... I'm assuming you're trolling here... but you know how to hotlink the images if you do not wish to upload as an attachment.  I am evaluating software at this time... so maybe we will have more xenforo style image attachments in the future.   This is all for future modifications.  It depends on what system is the best for that.  I really like SMF software, but it's not the best for the planned enhancements.  Eh.. decisions and choices. 


Negative. I want the ability to copy and paste an image from Paint or a screen capture or whatever. Currently I'd have to save the image first. Something I don't want to do for images I'm never going to use again.


That's impossible without saving lol.  Seriously?

You can do something like that with Onenote on your PC... but not to a web application.


I hate you so much. I point you back to the only other message board I go to:

Set up an account, go to submit a reply, and paste an image into the reply box. Try it. I dare you. :)


LOL.... I'm evaluating what they use too - I think it was their forum at least.  You still have to have an image saved.   Stop trolling - I've used it.

It would be an IT miracle of freak nature to not have to have an image saved in some way... and be able to post it in an online application.


You're out of the know on message board technology, it appears. :)


Hey Richard... when you see Mastermario, please tell him to come back.

I am evaluating the same software and have been testing it out.   We will see.  There are pros and cons to both.  What's going to matter most is logins with other social services... and tie ins with the 2 new ideas mentioned on the board.  There are drafts and stuff in progress... but it's going to take a bit. 


Bomber Man

It would be cool to add a like system/favorite system. For example lets just say I faved an article in Fortnite. There would be a tab called faved and you could see the post that you faved immediately
The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma...


This is a good idea @Bomber Man .  I will take a look to see what I can find. 

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