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Nintendo Switch Lite - Who is looking into it?

Started by BLUEVOODU, September 15, 2019, 07:06:59 PM

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I was a little intrigued by the Nintendo Switch Lite... it looks like they are trying to replace the 3DS with it.    IS that true or the case?  I don't know.  It used to be Nintendo had "pillars" of products.  Now... I wonder if they see the future of Gaming as more portable handle like the Switch.  It's a great idea and it has MANY  use cases for portable multiplayer gaming.

The price point of $200 is nice... better than a Nintendo Switch, but You cannot remove the controllers.  Does this matter to you?

Here are the offerings:
Nintendo Switch Lite - Turquoise -

Nintendo Switch Lite - Yellow -

Nintendo Switch Lite - Gray -

I really dig the yellow color.  I'm curious how it translates color wise in person. 

Which colors do you like the best?  Are you interested in the Switch Lite?  If so, why?  Post it up!


I'd buy two of them if you could dock it with a television and use wireless controllers.

The only portability I take advantage of is for the snes and nes online portions. Breath of the Wild, monster hunter, every Mario game thus far, etc. aren't as fun on a tiny screen. I'd never get enough use out of a solely portable switch.

retro junkie

I find it more appealing that the Switch itself. I think because it is more of a handheld console with no removable controllers. I was really put off by that feature. And I would have no desire to attach it to a TV, so that does not bother me. And I do see it as a replacement for the 3DS. People, like me, looking for that upgrade, or for their kids, will go for the Switch lite. We will see how they sell around Christmas time. I am not seeing the support that the 3DS use to have. (No more Pokemon) Everyone is busy with the Switch. At some point I will probably give in and grab up a Switch lite. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have that clamshell design. But I see it in the same light as the Sony Vita. Just need to make sure I pick up a good case for it.

Yeah, the yellow jumped right out at me. I simply said to myself when I first saw these, "If I get one of these it would have to be yellow."
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@retro junkie I agree.... I don't know, but the yellow color is just solid.  It screams MOIINNNEe.  It will be interesting to see where the 3DS / Switch go... or if another upgraded *DS* will come out.  The 3DS is 7 years old I believe, right?   There haven't been improvements since the last iteration where they added a control nub (c-stick).  So ... they are coming to a time where an upgrade is going to be necessary... UNLESS... the Switch Lite is it and they're uniting on a single platform.    If they pull a Wii U again on a single platform... they're not going to have a 3DS to pull them through.   This isn't knocking the Wii U... it just didn't sell well.

@targetrasp I had a little bit of a difficult time with Mario Odyssey on the smaller Screen.  But Super Mario Maker 2 is good... as well as Bomberman R and quite a few more titles.  I understand what you are saying though.  It was hard to see everything in the distance (in the back ground or as parts of the game moved to the background... like throwing the cap.


Man... I Still want that yellow Switch Lite.  It is pretty cool looking.  Has anyone bought into the Lite?