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Finding and Catching the Diving Beetle in Animal Crossing New Leaf

Started by BLUEVOODU, October 01, 2019, 05:15:30 PM

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In Animal Crossing New Leaf on the 3DS, there was this blue gray frog looking shadow that would surface as times swimming in one of my rivers.   I couldn't get it to bite while fishing.     The below describes how to catch this thing... This was a bit tough and requires patience.

It is actually a Diving Beetle.  You need to catch it with your net.  The Shadow will swim / float / glide along the water.  It will surface here and there.  You need to try to catch the Diving Beetle when it surfaces RIGHT NEXT to the shore.    It's a pain to catch, but you will need it if you want to complete your insect library.   It is found in the rivers and ponds from what I've read.  I've not seen it in a pond yet... only river.

Happy catching!  Feel free to post questions, comments, and if you caught the Diving Beetle.


was this game good? When best buy cleared out all the amiibos I bought every one I could for 1 - 2 dollars and got the game and the amiibo add-on for the older 3ds but never played it. I figured one of the kids would pick it up but they never did either.

retro junkie

I was put off, at first, by having to be the Mayor of the town. I liked it better when I was ruled over. That has prevented me from getting as deep as I got in the DS game. But I feel that I might need to get into New Leaf. I was talking to my Daughter about the game and she feels that New Leaf is the better game. I miss being able to collect NES games like the N64 and Gamecube game.
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@targetrasp I'm with @retro junkie a bit... however, its fun.  It's a different pace than other games... I recommend buying it. Maybe we can get CDG gaming meetings going and visit other members towns.  We could get @Bomber Man and @AngelBob In as well.

I think we could have 4 players max. It would be cool to have a town open for people to connect to ... would be fun.


That would be awesome, I have all the fruit trees now so I'd be happy to share if there's any you don't have. I did have lots of hybrid flowers but they all died when I neglected my town for too long.
I can't find my DS right now, dang kids.