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Can It Run Crysis Remastered?? Linus Tech Tips

Started by BLUEVOODU, September 17, 2020, 08:09:09 PM

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Lol... From Linus Tech Tips.  Can it run Crysis Remastered???  This one is for you @CreepinDeth @trkorecky

Funny thing is... @Grindspine and I were playing Crysis 2 on PlayStation 3... and immediately received the achievement. For starting up the game and finishing the 1st sequence.  The trophy was titled - "Can it Run Crysis?". It wa ls pretty funny.

Thoughts? Comments?  Post it up!


I remember the first time I ran Crysis about 9 years ago. I had a dual core AMD CPU with a Radeon 6850 that had 1GB of VRAM. Thought to myself "this should run fine now, it's a 4 year old game."


That was the loudest I ever heard any of my PCs get, ever. Ran at an abysmal 10FPS on the lowest settings and barely 720p.

I want to try out the remaster but it's an EGS exclusive and I'm not into that for a lot of reasons, both as a consumer and personal. So I'll like to hear one of you guys play it when it releases and report back.


I think I ran the original on an OC'd Q6600 and 8800 GTX and it was still a struggle to keep reasonable framerates.

That was a good time for shooters -- not only did Crysis graphically shine, but the AI on the hardest difficulty seemed a step above most other games for the time as well. They flanked, called out your last known position to other enemies within earshot, spoke only in Korean. A lot of things similar to FEAR that brought an illusion of intelligence. I do remember the helicopter being able to see me through a forest while I was invisible though, so there were a few unfair parts.

The remaster looks interesting, but like Creepin I'd be more interested if it were available outside the Epic Games store and included the much more fun Crysis Warhead expansion as well.

I do find it very interesting that the game seems to run in DX11 with some Vulkan interop for the raytracing bits instead of just doing the whole thing in Vulkan like I'd hope any modern game would.


I used to run a rig with a 4870x2 (I Think it was)... I also had built an i7 rig - which had just came out.  It had the triple channel ram...etc.   It ran Crysis well...  I was running at full spec for the time.    Crysis still looks pretty good by today's standards.  I know some things have aged... but it's a late 2000's game.

Back when Crysis 2 came out and the achievement we got on the PlayStation 3... it was hilarious because it rang true.  It's great to see that "Can It Run Crysis" is still around  ;D


Crysis actually killed my 8800GT XFX nvidia card.  I had added an extra heatsink to the back of it after getting the upgraded Alpha Dog edition.  Crysis was just too much for it back then.  I think that it was a GTX460 I got next.  That handled Crysis pretty well, Crysis 2 even better somehow.  Crysis 2 may have been out after I got my GTX 960 though.


@Grindspine  - yeah... Crysis 2 was built for more advanced computers and a wider array of hardware... it was optimized better and ran better on many different hardware setups.     Crysis 1 though.. that was at the beginning of games starting to utilize more than 1 CPU core... and at the beginning stages of DX10... moving forward with graphics drivers and more advanced graphics cards.  Cross-fire and SLI were newer and starting to be utilized more... and there were challenges to that.   It was just a different time. - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more