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Nintendo Stops Production of 3DS

Started by retro junkie, September 19, 2020, 09:55:48 AM

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retro junkie

It is official. Nintendo has announced ceasing production of the 3DS console. Whether or not this causes any emotions will depend on "where your perspective is" in gaming. Have you always looked forward to new game releases, then there would be some sadness, and you may even choke up a bit. If you take a "retro perspective" in gaming, like me, then you will, to a certain extent, stop, and pause for a moment of silence, and then move on. Then start looking on eBay and purchase extra consoles, especially anything in the limited editions just for backups. And look for bargains in games prices.
Now the burden of Nintendo falls upon the Switch to carry Nintendo into the next generation of gaming. In other words they have placed all their eggs in one basket. From this point on, we will see just how thick that basket is.
there is no spoon


Yeah.... this is definitely crazy... but it was only a matter of time once the Nintendo Switch came out.   Nintendo was operating on "pillars' for so long... and now they have a pretty stellar product coming all into 1.  Still.. it is the end of an era.  On 1 hand I'm not surprised... but on the other hand... Nintendo has been a console and a handheld for a long time.   

I mentioned on a previous thread somewhere that all gaming may end up like the switch... and the concept of pda's being a bit too early (though they were adopted into smart phones) and smaller devices being an all-in-one portable device "taking over" in future consoles.  We will see if that happens.. but I really envision the future being more devices like the Switch and taking them with you and being able to play multiplayer in proximity AND giving you the gaming power to play newer  games that require more power.

@retro junkie - I am with you though... it does give a bit of pause.

retro junkie

@BLUEVOODU the uniqueness of their situation is a first for Nintendo. Usually they have a home console plus a portable. But maybe they have returned to their roots in a way. There was that period with nothing but the NES. Or maybe the Switch and the Lite is the Home console and the portable. Depends on your perspective. Being that the Lite cannot play the entire library of the Switch, that might be the case. It will be interesting on how that does progress. I am interesting in the Lite but not in the Switch. Do each appeal to a different type gamer?
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