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Got a Switch Lite

Started by retro junkie, October 08, 2020, 10:26:42 PM

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retro junkie

I have been with the Company for 20 years. Part of the celebration was money. I decided to blow it on a Switch Lite.
First impressions?
No camera! (Buzzer goes off) I liked the camera feature in the DS line of portables. Yes I know it was low quality, but it was still a good handy camera for catching the moment.
Wifi issues, seems weak in picking it up, unlike my DS and 3DS consoles. I can be all over the house with those but not the Switch Lite.
No charge light! Whut? I need to have the console on in order to know when it is fully charged.
No instruction manual to help in set-up. Had to go online to get through it.
I fingers seem to be fat. Found it very clumsy to tap in the letters. A stylus would have been nice.

And why does the original Gameboy Advance continues to come to mind? It does seem to be a descendant of the line of portables with cosmetic traits?

Don't get me wrong. I do like what I am holding in my hands. I got Animal Crossing. I have ordered Ni No Kuni and Psyvariar Delta. At the end of next week Vacation and some heavy gaming to get the feel of this thing.
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That's an interesting take @retro junkie The Switch is definitely a change from previous Nintendo Handhelds.  I've been tempted to get a lite... And have it as my roaming switch.  I just haven't done it yet... And not sure I will

I really hope the Switch Lites don't have the joycon drift. 

Ugh the original GBA... talk about hard to see.  Games were great, it was just impossible to see the screen. 


Quote from: BLUEVOODU on October 10, 2020, 11:46:32 PM
I really hope the Switch Lites don't have the joycon drift. 

They do.

retro junkie

@BLUEVOODU really, to be honest, Nintendo technically closed out their line of portables. The Lite is a totally different concept for them, a different animal. The Lite is an oddball. The Switch is a hybrid that embodies a home console that is also portable. That is why it is called a Switch. And the Switch Lite is technically not a Switch but a portable of the Switch, which is why it is called a Lite.  :)) There is that reorientation of perspective to adjust to the difference, the oddball portable of a hybrid portable console.

It is a dedicated portable that does play the same games as the Switch. This is a first for Nintendo and a new direction in their perspective for portable gaming. I don't know why, but my mind drifts toward the thought, where will they go from here? What does the next generation hold for Nintendo? Portable gaming has been the field where they have dominated. I do find it interesting how they have handled, maneuvered around, the competition of tablets and smart phones.

I guess the reason I see it as a descendant of the GBA line, it is flat, open, gamecard slot at the top, with the screen vulnerable to scratches and nicks, looks like a deformed mutant GBA to me. I cannot get that out of my mind. This is so gameboyish in design to me, sorry. A lot more powerful though.
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@retro junkie yeah... I really wonder where they will go from here.    I do like the concept of the Switch Lite a lot... but I Wouldn't want to give up the regular Switch for it... if that makes sense...

I really had issues with the original GBA (without the back light).   It was cool... but really hard to see.

retro junkie

@BLUEVOODU maybe they will do the same as with the 3DS. We might see a "new" switch.  :))
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