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Turrican Flashback - Nintendo Switch

Started by BLUEVOODU, February 24, 2021, 02:05:53 PM

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Has anyone seen this?  It appears Turrican Flashback for the Nintendo Switch is a compilation  of 4 games:

Turrican II: The Final Fight
Mega Turrican
Super Turrican

I played Super Turrican back in the day.. And I'm thinking of picking this up.

Linky:  Turrican Flashback - Nintendo Switch -

Thoughts, comments?  Post it up.


the game sounds familiar but i don't remember playing it. Originally I was on the fence but it's a retro compilation, gotta get it.

retro junkie

Turrican is so tough. I played that game, and played that game, and really got nowhere. It was fun. Only gave it up when Mega Turrican came out. That is a beautiful game. Mega Turrican is a Genesis game. Love that game, still play it occasionally.
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I've been playing this a bit.  It's a good blast from the past.   I've mainly broke out Super Turrican for the time being.   Is it worth $30?  I don't know... I suppose it's cool to find all 4 games in a physical package.   That's cool...  I'm wondering if this game will become a rarity.

@retro junkie - Super Turrican is a fairly difficult game.. not sure how much exposure you've had to it... and I'm not sure how much there is between Super and Mega Turrican.   I'm not looking it up either... to see the difference when I get to Mega Turrican.


So it's not the greatest?

I've yet to open mine


It's turrican.  It's old school gaming and pretty good... or at least as good as it used to br  ;D. Did you open yours @targetrasp ?


nope, still wrapped.

too many games, too little time

retro junkie

@BLUEVOODU It has been a while. I am not sure why, but I played Mega Turrican on my Genesis more than the other Turricans. And I am sure I finished it because I remember the words or something going up the screen. And then again it may be that I am remembering something else? I don't know. Seemingly there was something about the Mega version that I found fun over the others and it kept me glued to it. I remember long sessions.
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