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Raiden IV x MIKADO remix - Nintendo Switch

Started by BLUEVOODU, May 14, 2021, 06:10:01 PM

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Did anyone see this was launched?  Raiden IV x MIKADO remix was launched for the Nintendo Switch recently... I pre-ordered Raiden and R-Type Final 2 around the same time.

Raiden IV x MIKADO remix - Nintendo Switch -

I'm Always pumped for a New SHMUP... especially one on the Switch.  Handheld Shmupping is fun.  Who else is excited for this title or has already played?

Thoughts? Comments?  POST IT UP!


I saw your post, went to amazon, ended up with r type final 2 Inaugural Flight Edition, thinking it was Raiden... Maybe some inner reflex took over. Perhaps my NIS fanboyism took control or maybe because rrtype and gradus were my snes shooter staples and stayed my favorite shooters until i bought a neo geo aes and alpha mission 2 ten years down the road. Since then I've been a little meh on shooters. I've got a lot stashed away, and i've bought some crappy ones on ps4 (cough psyvariar delta). I'm hoping once i get around to unwrapping rtype and / or ordering raiden, i'll have found something more engaging, more reminiscent of those early 90's masterpieces.


@targetrasp  I haven't broke this out yet.  R-Type Final 2 Inaugural Flight Edition for the Nintendo Switch has been taking most of my time.  I am trying to break it out this weekend to see how awesome it is.  I expect it to be "Raiden," but I really enjoy playing Raiden.