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It's on my wish (eventual backlog) list!

Playing as Alfred looks like it'd be cheating...
I've started working on some of these... Steam came up with a cool idea
It looks like Valve realizes how many Steam users have massive backlogs.  This holiday weekend is all about spring cleaning!

This is the worst Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse imitation that I have seen.  It would have had potential in 1989 if it were by Konami...  Maybe it appeals to some retro fans.  Thoughts?
BV's already called out the duration of the honeymoon period, one month. In one month they'll be sitting on opposite ends of the couch in their sweatpants, her with Cheetos in her hair, him with his hand in the waistband...
General Discussion / Re: Non-gaming hobbies
« Last post by Mai Valentine on May 24, 2018, 03:32:15 PM »
Gaming is my biggest hobby, but I do also play D&D every Monday night with a group of friends. My current character is a Tiefling Ranger.
General Discussion / Re: What are some of your favorite couch coop games?
« Last post by Mai Valentine on May 24, 2018, 03:28:57 PM »
Any generation!

I think back to Champions of Norrath on the PS2! Loved that game.

Agreed on this. My wife and I played it a ton as I recall.

I'll say that most Mario games are included as well.

Co-op Gears of War was fun, too.
@Mai Valentine What is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?  I cannot believe I haven't heard of this Animal Crossing game.

It's an Animal Crossing game for your cell phone. It has a lot of interesting features but I feel like it lacks the charm of some of the console releases. Mostly because you can play those for hours at a time, but Pocket Camp was designed in a way that you run out of things to do quickly if you play too much. It's meant to be a time waster, play a few minutes here and there while you're in between doing other things. They've added a ton of stuff since it came out, but I just can't get back into it.
Gaming / Movie / Media Deals / Toy's R Us - Gamer Toys Deal
« Last post by targetrasp on May 24, 2018, 07:36:44 AM »
I just purchased a bunch of Skylander Supercharger vehicles for $.79 each, a Paulette Amibo for $1.98 and a 6" Metroid figure for 7.49 from Toy's R Us last night. The deals are 40 - 60% off but there are also markdowns in the case of the skylanders and the paulette toys where were marked down to 2 and 4 dollars then discounted on top of that. Originally I'd heard there was wasn't going to be future shipments to the stores, but according to one of the workers there's a liquidator involved helping move old stock. (I saw a lot of winter clothing, fleece throws, easter baskets, etc.) My local Toys R Us didn't have a lot of empty shelf space, but there was a lot of the same thing spread around.

Manage expectations though, do go in expecting legos at 60% off and you'll be ok. The worker I talked to said they were still receiving trucks, I may be making a weekly pilgrimage
it happened in the 16 bit era, kinda piggy-backed off of the popularity of Out of the World.
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