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That is hilarious.
Be sure to have the Mac in proper configuration for serious gaming!

Here is a link if the picture did not display.
I have been spoiled by Linux. And I believe the Linux OS is more developed and powerful than the OSX. With Linux I can simply search and find the piece of software I need and set up my work station in hardly any time. The problem with Linux is hardware. That is where it falls short. You can do a lot of research and put together a rig to run your OS. But when it comes to laptops it becomes a serious hunt with word of mouth and other user experiences.  With an Apple laptop you are purchasing a complete package, hardware with an OS built around it. That is its strength. It falls short in the area of software. It is basically built for specific users that purposely use a laptop for something like writing, publishing, graphic art, or business, and yet limited to those programs made for it. Linux is more diversified. That might be because it is a community supported OS. I find my Macbook intuitive in my experience so far, but difficult in finding software or software alternatives. I think the Macbook will fall into the area in which I use a laptop and computer in general, it will just take a little time in getting my programs together. It is just most will need to be purchased, not free like Linux.

Sorry Grindspine I just can't game on my computers. Just can't get into it. And I really don't even have an explanation as to why. Maybe I was traumatized as a kid in some way that subconsciously I reject computer gaming. Maybe it was when I was watching Forbidden Planet. Maybe my mother dropped me on my head. Don't know.
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Gamers hate lag and latency.  Server processing is always present on online games, which has improved over time, but the option to play a simple single-player game on a local machine will certainly still have appeal to old school gamers.
I have already resigned to the fact that I will skip this entire generation (Xbone, Switch, PS4), while sticking with PS3, 360, 3DS, and PC.

Hopefully after the initial rush of systems and high prices, I will be able to step into the current generation of gaming once I some work and finance stuff handled.
This is interesting...  and I like it a lot.

.PS5 Players Can Play with PS4 Players Using Backwards Compatibility, Sony Confirms -

I'm glad at least some if the "backwards compatibility" is still here.

Thoughts? Comments?  Post it up!
Be sure to have the Mac in proper configuration for serious gaming!

I have the Thor movies whenever you want to borrow!
Arctic Fox is a forked and rebranded Pale Moon 27.9.4. It seems to be a recent work for older Mac OSX 10.6 and higher. It works and makes this book up-to-date when going on the net.

What I like about this? Might sound weird, but I like the feel of the chiclet keyboard. The OS is somewhat a little familiar in feel. I have had no trouble getting around and much of it has been easily simple. I feel at home. Some of that might be that, like Linux, this OS is based on UNIX. Or it used to be. I not sure anymore, it might be a branch of BSD, or at least based from that OS. I know that I have toyed with some versions of Linux, in the past, that has had this as a theme.

The book still runs good. Nice sharp screen. The only trouble I am having right now is that the laptop does not recognize the battery. From my searching, that could be that the battery needs to be replaced. They didn't warrant the battery. But for $40 dollars what can you expect. I got more than I thought. More than my money's worth.
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