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Do you think that the next generation will be any better? I haven't looked into the situation to know what the new consoles offer. I have seen the pictures of the PS5 being flashed around. It is negligent on the part of the industry to not address the two achilles' heel of modern systems, load times and broken games that need updates. And the constant system updates to the consoles, I find it irritating. And I get it that it is mostly hacking issues and security. Too bad they can't close all the holes before they launch a console.
It would help if developers released FINISHED games instead of early release games with inadequate bug testing too.
Microsoft - Xbox One and Xbox 360 / Re: My XBOX ONE updating....aaauuughhhh!!!
« Last post by BLUEVOODU on July 05, 2020, 08:42:42 PM »
@retro junkie ... I hear you.  Call of Duty Modern Warfare  almost takes 200GB.  Updates can be upwards of 30GB.  The only thing that can help is faster internet. However.... Better internal components with better transfer speeds would help a bit as well.

Loading has always been an issues with CD/DVD/Blu-ray based consoles.  I think overall loading has become better.  There is a lot of improvement necessary in the way of downloads and updates though. 
Microsoft - Xbox One and Xbox 360 / My XBOX ONE updating....aaauuughhhh!!!
« Last post by retro junkie on July 05, 2020, 01:46:58 PM »
I haven't turned my XBOX ONE on in over a year, maybe two. Can't remember. Sorry but it be like that with me. I should have known. It needs to make an update before I can play a game. The update is almost 4g. This is one of the reasons I hate modern consoles. Retro gaming is so easy, push in a game and flip the switch.

This so rubs my fur the wrong way, if it isn't a system update then it is the game. And I am not sure at this point whether the game I want to put in has some sort of update or install period I will have to endure. Just purchased Pacman Championship Edition 2. Surely not, please.

If there is anything the next generation needs to resolve it is the loading of the game. There needs to be some changes in the technology. That issue needs to be addressed badly. Back to carts? Not sure. But the DVD, Blu Ray are outdated as a gaming medium with the amount of data that needs to be juggled for modern gaming. I have gotten my fill of it during the PS3 and XBOX 1.

Not sure what they can do about system update, they are such a pain.
General Discussion / Re: Happy 4th of July - 2020
« Last post by retro junkie on July 04, 2020, 07:38:04 PM »
Enjoying the Holiday. Yo-Kai Watch on my 3DS. Hotdogs, slaw, and fries with the family.

Happy 4th to everyone!
General Discussion / Happy 4th of July - 2020
« Last post by BLUEVOODU on July 04, 2020, 05:46:45 PM »
Happy Forth of July... 2020 sure has been going by fast.    I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday.

Please stop by, say hi, and post up!   

Lol @Grindspine  too soon man... too soon.

@retro junkie - looks like grind gave you a good idea on this  ;D
At this point, my personal favorite era of Star Wars occurs from Episode II: Attack of the Clones through The Clone Wars animated series, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and up to Star Wars: Rebels.

Seeing the connections fall into place of what led to A New Hope and understanding the backstory of the fall of Anakin to the dark side was pretty epic!

Rey is still an awesome Jedi, The Force Awakens is an overall good Star Wars action flick.  There is no need to really rewrite anything, although I certainly would not miss either Jar Jar Binks or "Space Leia" in the grand scheme that is Star Wars.

In the end, Lucasfilm and Disney will do what they do.  Fans might love it or hate it, but they'll still watch it.
I liked that last movie, thought it was good, even though there were those moments that made it fit in with the rest. I am talking about the stuff that I felt was hard to swallow. But every Star Wars movie has had its little quirks. Those moments that make you say "Whuuut?" "Why did they do this?" But to erase something from cannon? Especially because you didn't like it? Or because you thought it failed?
I thought the plan was to move on into a new adventure and leave the Skywalker legacy behind. Create something new, fresh. Go back to the original three and study them, understand why they worked. They were based on a "time period" of cliffhanger serials stuffed into a space opera adventure. As we can see it is hard to repeat that stuff. Trying to evolve that into a normal movie has its issues and problems. Back then they even created new ways to use in making special effects to use in the movies.
I tend to agree with @Grindspine questioning the authority of a "doomcock" now if it was DR. Doomcock....

Since the invention of the internet, people have complained about Star Wars and there's a lot of ammunition - Jar Jar, Anakin, chemistry between padme and anakin, what trilogy was worst, who shot first, blah blah blah...

Retconning could be ok, there's some stuff in some of pre Disney books i liked. Han and Leia had twins, for instance. Luke had a love interest. There's some other stuff in the sequel trilogy that was pretty cool. Leia, Rey, and Luke's God Modes were pretty cool. Getting more than just force push, pull, lifting rocks, persuading weak minds, jumping far, and twirling a light saber out of the force powers was cool. Kylo stopping a blaster bolt was amazing. I'm ok with what's there... I'd love to see some Old republic stuff.

There's a lot of the galaxy left to explore, I'd hate to see things get tied up on one tiny piece of it.
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